COVID-19 : CARBODIAM opens again

Dear and Esteemed Customers,

After these two weeks spent in confinement, we are happy to see that the staff is in good health, we have therefore decided to reopen our workshops and offices this Monday, April 6, 2020


Of course, all security measures are and will be taken to ensure strict compliance with government recommendations.


We all count on your understanding if however, the flexibility and the speed which are ours with the execution of your orders is a little perturbed at least at the beginning of the restart.


We hope that this 2-week interval did not disturb you too much, but it was necessary to do so to guarantee everyone's safety.


In the hope that this health crisis will bind us further, we are counting on you and your cooperation in the weeks and years to come.


We took the decision to thank you for your loyalty to grant you an exceptional 5% discount on all orders you place from today until April 15th  2020



Stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones

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