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Diamond Tools Catalog

CARBODIAM has a wide range of drilling, sawing and grinding diamond tools reaching an optimum cutting speed & performances in order to respond to your requirements for excellence.

Browse our e-catalog below to find the product you need:

CARBODIAM EN Catalog 2018.jpeg
  • Materials: Concrete, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, construction materials, asphalt, composite and refractory materials, ceramic and natural stone tiles.

  • Tools: Blades and cup-wheels for handsaws, floor and wall saw blades, diamond wire, core drills, surfacing milling and grinding tools, industrial circular saw blades, tile and masonry saws.

  • Applications: Dry and wet cutting, grinding and drilling.

  • Machines: Floor-, table-, wall amp; wire saws, drilling rigs and motors, surfacing and grinding machines.

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